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What is Identity FInder

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Privacy Concerns

If you are already familiar with Identity Finder, you may know that it reports information from your computer to a "console," an SAS-owned server that collects information and helps us track the implementation of Identity Finder across campus.

The information stored in the console never includes the sensitive data; it contains information about where sensitive data was found, and what was done about it (ie, was it securely deleted or "shredded," was it moved to a secure file server, etc).

Identity Finder

Identity Finder is a software tool that searches a computer for sensitive information, including social security numbers (SSN's), dates of birth, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and more. It can search through a wide variety of file types, including Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, and even PDF's. It is available to all SAS faculty and staff. When Identity Finder scans a computer for PII, users are often surprised at the results -- many people who believed that they had no sensitive data on their computers find some in old files or browser caches.

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