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Alternatives to Identity Finder

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Identity Finder was licensed by SAS because after extensive testing of comparable products in the marketplace, it was found to be the most effective and user-friendly way to identify sensitive data in a wide variety of formats.

However, it's not the only software tool that can scan a computer for social security numbers (SSN's), credit card numbers, bank account numbers, etc. Cornell University makes available an open-source tool called Spider that runs on Unix/Linux computers as well as Windows and Mac.

Users who prefer more control over software that runs on their system may prefer to download and use Spider to scan their machines. Be advised that Spider typically requires more background knowledge by the user employing it; if you're not sure you have the technical skills, you should contact your LSP before attempting to use it. In addition, in our experience it produced more false positives in the results, which means more time required by the user to evaluate each "hit" and decide what needs to be done about it.