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Collaboration and PII

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Just because you need to share documents with a colleague for work on a project or something else, doesn't mean that your only choice is to send everything insecurely over e-mail. There are a lot of other options, depending on the nature of the collaboration.

  • If you are working with colleagues within SAS, SAS Computing can help you setup a shared network drive for collaboration. Please contact your Local Support Provider (LSP), for help with requesting a shared network drive.
  • If you are working with colleagues within Penn a shared network drive may still be possible, and if not, Penn's Secure Share service allows for the secure exchange of files. Secure Share is much safer than email when exchanging files that contain sensitive data. After you receive a file via Secure Share you must then protect it wherever you save it, so you should think about saving these files on a secure network drive.
  • If you are working with colleagues outside of Penn your Local Support Provider can work with you to get them Guest Pennkeys, which will allow them to use Secure Share. You should be very careful when considering using a third-party cloud service like DropBox to collaborate with colleagues outside of Penn. There are serious threats to privacy and confidentiality when using some of these tools.