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Eliminating PII

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Securely destroying sensitive data that you no longer need to keep is an important step in information security.

If you have sensitive data on your computer, the best thing to do is to contact your LSP so that they can help you securely delete the records. Note that it is not enough just to put the files in the recycle bin! Even if you "empty" the recycle bin, the records are still recoverable without too much difficulty for people who know what they are doing. Special procedures are needed to "securely wipe" the data from your drive. Identity Finder is one software package that has the tools necessary to securely delete the data from your computer.

If you have paper files that contain sensitive information, they must be shredded. Most departments have small or medium-sized shredders that they use for a relatively light stream of everyday business. If you have the need to dispose of a lot more paper than that, you can contact the University Records Center to arrange for a secure shredding bin. They can help you arrange for delivery and pickup of a secure shredding bin for a relatively low fee.