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I Already Did SPIA

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Great! That means you have already taken an important first step toward protecting your data.

People who have already participated in one SPIA review might wonder why they have to do it again. In fact, we are required to do it every year, and with good reason: the University's information landscape is constantly changing. New innovations and new services often mean that our uses of information need to be reexamined. Even retiring an old service or process could prompt changes in the way data is handled or stored. Sometimes, for example, that's a good opportunity to send paper records to the University Records Center or shred them.

It's like that legend about painting the Golden Gate Bridge: by the time they finish painting all the way from San Francisco to Marin county, it's time to go back to the beginning and start painting all over again. Just like the job of painting the bridge is never done, our information security practices need to always be reviewed to ensure they are up to date.