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I Don't Have Any PII

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A lot of computer users on campus believe that they don't have any sensitive data on their computers. Some of them no doubt are correct, but many of them are mistaken.

PII can lurk in many places on a user's computer: in the browser cache; in the 'downloads' folder if they've downloaded lists or other data; and in folders that have been copied forward for years whenever the person gets a new machine, just to name a few examples.

Running an Identity Finder scan is a relatively painless way to find out if your computer contains sensitive data. You have likely already heard from your LSP about running a scan, but if you haven't, you can feel free to contact him or her directly to inquire about it. Identity Finder is available for free to all SAS faculty and staff. If you think you don't have any PII on your computer, scanning it with Identity Finder is a good way to make sure.