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My Work Requires PII

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If your work requires that you use and store PII, then one of the best things you can do to ensure that your data handling is safe and secure is to do a SPIA assessment with your LSP. If you have already done so, great! You've taken an important step towards improving the information security in your work environment.

The University has been working on information security issues for years, so for many processes that deal with sensitive data, there are secure tools in place. For example, for various teaching functions, instructors can use CoursesInTouch and Blackboard; for research and administrative groups that need to all be able to access the same data, there are shared drives. You should use these processes whenever possible.

If you think you have a unique need to handle sensitive information that isn't already met by a tool that's widely available on campus, you should contact the information security team in SAS at It may be that we have an alternative tool in place that can be modified or applied to your situation. It may also be that you have found something that we need to address, so if you notify us we can work with you to develop a solution.