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In general, with sensitive data we always suggest that you work your way through these possible solutions, in order.

* Securely Delete
* Convert
* Truncate
* Protect on a server
* Protect with extreme caution on a local device

That is, if you no longer need the sensitive data, securely delete it. If you need to uniquely identify someone, consider converting sensitive data like Social Security Number (SSN) and date of birth to a PennID number. If PennID is not a practical replacement, consider keeping only a small portion of the sensitive data, like the last four digits of the SSN. If you must keep the sensitive data intact, Penn policies will require specific protections for specific kinds of data. We recommend that if you must keep this sort of data, you store it on a secure server rather than on your local desktop, laptop, or portable device. If you must keep the data on your local device, encryption may be required.